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It’s the Sundaylies! Permission to Shop, the Carrie Fisher-Shaped Hole in the World, Complaining About 2016, and more!

Sunday Funny: Have hope for 2017. (via xkcd)

Teen Skepchick

In Which my Husband is Consulted on my Shopping
Unmarried Elizabeth apparently needs her husband’s permission to shop.

Awesome Sauce Music Friday: The Wrath of Hell on the Golden Records
We’re not quite sure how a song about emotional blackmail found its way onto the Voyager interstellar record, but here we are.

Mad Art Lab

Carrie Fisher: Drowned in Moonlight, Strangled by Her Own Bra
In memory of Carrie Fisher, Beth compiles some of the best reactions to the death of Hollywood royalty.

Here comes the General, Carrie Fisher
In a year that we’ve had to endure the passing of so many strong, important women, Carrie Fisher’s death stands out.

Stop Complaining about 2016, You’re just Making 2017 Angrier.
2017 is here. Are you ready?

School of Doubt

Meaning What We Say, Saying What We Mean
In a world where terms can have different meanings to different people, it’s important that we choose our words carefully.

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  1. I was perplexed and more than a little pissed when a couple of apparent MRAs mouthed off over author Gwenda Bond’s tweet:

    “So rare for a woman in Hollywood to get to be an icon at different ages. Bereft we will not get to witness grand dame-era Carrie Fisher.” []
    December 27, 2016

    Their comments started with “don’t make her death about the feminist agenda” and went south of there. She blocked them and I briefly engaged (“It was part of #CarrieFisher, it’s part of Gwenda, it’s part of any rational person.”) before doing the same. I was astonished something so slight prompted their responses.

    1. Man, isn’t there some black stormtrooper for these people to complain about or something? (See? Throwing shade in an intersectional way.)

      Anyway, I wish I had HBO to see the documentary about the two of them. (I also want Turner Classic Movies to have a Debbie Reynolds marathon, though I haven’t seen anything of that nature in their scheduling.)

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