Quickies: SNL’s Depictions of Women Who Support Trump, Michael Lewis’s New Book, and Farming in Space

  • What happened to all of the drugs the media panicked about? – “The introduction of the internet decades later helped spread a new kind of drug craze. Like memes, stories about weird drug phenoms caught like wildfire on message boards. In the mid-2000s, a phony story about kids huffing human shit, nicknamed ‘jenkem,’ fooled local news anchors into filing stone-faced reports about the new ‘epidemic.’ “
  • Oakland Ghost Ship Fire Kills Artists, Queers, Weirdos, Dreamers and Dreams – “The residents and artists and musicians who lived or worked or visited Ghost Ship knew that seeking relevant permits and commissioning inspections would lead inevitably to eviction. The city would sell the building to real estate developers, it’d become market-rate housing, and the punks who sought refuge in Ghost Ship would have one less place to be themselves. ‘If you can’t afford to buy a million-dollar home, then you can’t afford to live in this city unless you’re willing to risk your safety,’ housing rights activist María Poblet told The Guardian, ‘And that’s unconscionable.’ “
  • Reporter’s Notebook: What It Was Like As A Muslim To Cover The Election – “Through tears, I told her that if I had known my sheer existence — just the idea of being Muslim — would be a debatable issue in the 2016 election, I would never have signed up to do this job.”
  • Why does SNL keep insisting that the women in Trump’s inner circle don’t want to be there? – “This characterization might make for easy punchlines, or help liberals swallow the idea of educated women supporting Trump. But his win — and Conway, Melania, and Ivanka’s continued active involvement in his transition to the presidency — has made it clear that presenting these women as regretful doesn’t have any roots in reality.”
  • Reading Michael Lewis’s New Book Made Me More Worried About Donald Trump – “Kahneman is right, of course, that ‘the fate of entire societies may be sealed by a series of avoidable mistakes committed by their leaders.’ The parent of all these mistakes, at least arguably, is overconfidence in one’s own abilities and perception. Here the divide between Trump and Barack Obama is profound. “
  • Astronauts Are Getting Better and Better at Farming in Space – “This latest crop of ‘Outredgeous’ red romaine lettuce grown entirely on the International Space Station, operation name, Veg-03 and spearheaded by NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough, is the newest step in NASA’s ongoing efforts to create a sustainable, renewable food source aboard their spacecraft. The first space lettuce eaten by American astronauts (Veg-01) was produced back in 2015, and was sampled both plain, and with balsamic vinegar by the ISS crew. Astronaut hero Scott Kelly said at the time that it tasted like arugula.”

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Mary Brock works as an Immunology scientist by day and takes care of a pink-loving princess child by night. She likes cloudy days, crafting, cooking, and Fall weather in New England.

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