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It’s the Sundaylies! Overthinking Harry Potter, Learning the Lessons of History, Discussing Your Trump Fears with Kids, and more!

Sunday Funny: A reasonable idea (via Poorly Drawn Lines)

Teen Skepchick

Speak your Mind: Thanksgiving
Come on, y’all! Give us your opinions on Thanksgiving.

Mad Art Lab

Music of the Revolution
What a musical 200 years in the making teaches us about politics today.

Harry Potter and the Consequences of Overthinking Children’s Literature
In an attempt to iron out everything he thought was problematic about the Harry Potter series, Ryan accidentally wrote a novel.

In Defence of Fanfiction – A Convert’s Tale
Fanfiction gets a bum rap, but Ryan argues that you shouldn’t knock it until you try it.

School of Doubt

There is No Easy Way
Jay observes that people often have a harder time learning the lessons of history than we would like.

You Don’t Need Me to Refute This White Nationalist Poster for You, but Here You Go Anyway
Matthew takes down a poster that appeared on several U.S. campuses this election season.

Grounded Parents

Internet Meme Demolition Derby: Election Grief Counseling Edition
Lou takes down another election-related meme.

No, I’m Not Scaring My Kids By Discussing President Trump
Jenny argues that discussing the election of Donald Trump with her children makes them stronger and better prepared for the world.

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