Quickies: Cult of personality, romanticizing the Victorians, and women in tech

  • If women wrote men the way men write women – “He sucked in his tummy and pulled his pecs up high, trying to present them like pastries in a bakery window. Would she like him? Were the goods good enough?”
  • I recognize Trump’s magnetism – from a cult meeting – “Until the debates, I had never watched more than snippets of Trump’s speeches…He was so obviously convinced of his veracity that I wanted to believe him. I knew Trump’s rallies must be powerful, life-changing events. I knew because I’ve felt that energy before—at a cult meeting.”
  • Stop romanticizing the Victorian era – “Women were taught their sexuality was “completely dormant until her legal husband touched her/””
  • When tech jobs judge on skills alone, women land more positions – “The first time around, details like names, experience and background were provided. Five percent selected for interviews were women. You can guess what happened next, right? When identifying details were suppressed, that figure jumped to 54 percent.”
  • Featured image from the WOC in Tech flickr


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Jesus, I knew the unconscious bias in the tech industry was bad, but a 90% reduction in hires for women? That’s insane!

    That’s… almost impossible to contextualize. How is it that bad in 2016?

      1. Honestly, I’d be a centrist if republicans weren’t basically comic book villains at this point. Like I have to believe there are a range of complex positions to take on all sorts of things, but the way our two party system goes, I get a choice between “vaguely approximately reality with disconcertingly large margins of error” and “Are you even a human being? Why would you ever say that you’re pro-torture?” for almost everything.

        1. Actually, I was referring to the “radical centrists” (Tom Friedman, Richard Florida). The idea of a “creative class”, including bankers; apparently “creative accounting” is no longer a euphemism for embezzlement and other white-collar crimes. The “creative class” is really nothing more than Herrnstein and Murray’s “cognitive elite”.

          The really funny thing is over on Daily Kos, people like Armando who actually like radical centrists because their policies will lead to Great Leap Forward-style devastation of rural America.

          Also funny on Daily Kos is watching the same people who were so protective of Human Rights Campaign in the primary (They endorsed Clinton over Sanders.) now going after HRC for endorsing Mark Kirk over Tammy Duckworth when they’d already endorsed Kirk during the primary. Situational ethics is hilarious.

  2. Amanda,

    Wow I would definitely not want to be a women in the Victorian era. Come to think about it, I wouldn’t want to live in the Victorian era even as a man. There were a lot of things that were much worse in those days.

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