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Skepchick Sundaylies! The Definitive Guide to Comment Trolls, the Sokal Hoax, Bumbling Dad/Nagging Mom, and more!

Sunday Funny: Spaceship Earth (via Poorly Drawn Lines)

Mad Art Lab

Guide to Internet Comment Trolls
This comic by Ethan perfectly summarizes the different types of internet trolls.

Mad Art Cast: Finding Hidden Faces In Paintings
The Gang talk about whether it’s OK to use technology to look under paintings.

Cat Wine Tasting: It Happened to Us
If you’ve never wanted to share wine with your cat, read this and you will.

School of Doubt

Evaluating the Sokal Hoax Twenty Years Later
Matthew evaluates the legacy of the famous Sokal Hoax twenty years after its publication.

Grounded Parents

Weekend Reads: Abortion Reversal, Obamacare and Birth Control, and Daylight Atheism gets More Adorable
Lou compiles all the articles you should have read last week, but didn’t.

Let’s Stop Making Dads Look Incompetent and Moms Look Like Nags
Steph and her husband respond to a blog post that reinforces the incompetent dad/super mom stereotype.

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One Comment

  1. Bumbling Dad/Nagging Mom.
    Yeah, that needs to die and we all agree. Men do not get to hide behind that, “Aw, shucks. Men suck in the kitchen.” meme in order to escape house work. And neither should women shake their heads mockingly and kick them out of the kitchen.
    Fine, I get that part.
    But the use of the word “nagging” is something I don’t understand in this context.
    “Honey, would you hang up the laundry?” is not ground for accusing a woman of nagging.
    “Honey, I need you to handle the laundry from now on,” is not nagging.
    The threshold for declaring ‘nagging’ is somewhere around, “You know, there’s laundry in the washing machine …”
    I realize there is a lot of social programming that goes into teaching women it’s rude of them to pointedly ask [men] for things, but I want to be clear that literally asking your mate to do something should never be called “nagging”.

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