Quickies: Cuttlefish counting, clean eating, and spiders

  • Cuttlefish can count better than one-year-old humans – And they prefer quality over quantity when it comes to food items.
  • The fear of having children when you know they’ll face racism – “My partner and I know that any child of ours would face an education system that unfairly punishes and suspends students who look like them. They would live in a city in which only about six in 10 students graduate from high school—and this number is even lower for Black students. In the United States, Black children are three times more likely to be the victims of robbery and five times more likely to be victims of homicide than white children. Black adults are twice as likely as white peers to experience unemployment.”
  • Popular clean-eating claims – Versus scientifically proven healthy eating claims.
  • It’s spider season but don’t freak out – About spiders in Canada but still applicable elsewhere. From Amy.


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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    1. Just think how much money we could save if we stopped spending billions on research and just used technology to take a popular vote on each hypothesis.

      Waste, I tell you, government waste!

  1. Amanda, I enjoyed very much the article on diet, particularly the little table contrasting 10 scientifically proven good ideas with 10 scientifically proven bad ideas.

    Sophie Medlin, lecturer in Dietetics and Nutrition, King’s College London: brilliant, impeccable qualifications, wide ranging yet concise and well written!

    Contrast that to the one I sent in a few days ago, picked up by Julia in the Global Quickies, about the celebrity cook promoting a Paleo diet and advising against dairy foods for osteoporosis – what dangerous unscientific trash, no qualifications whatsoever and just full of wrong, it made me so mad!

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