Meet the Co-Coordinators for Humanist Service Corps: Ghana!

The 2016-2017 team for Humanist Service Corps: Ghana is gearing up, with new leadership on the ground in Ghana! Cleo Blacke & Wendy Webber are taking over HSC: Ghana this year, as they continue their work to end gender violence in northern Ghana.09

Cleo is a secular humanist/atheist from the Volta Region of Ghana & Wendy is a graduate of Yale Divinity School, where she helped start an atheist, agnostic, and multifaith community called Open Party. Both are experienced with Humanist Service Corps and I’m excited to see what these two amazing women continue to bring to the program! You can learn more about them in the short video below!

What does HSC: Ghana do? In their own words:

The Humanist Service Corps currently supports Songtaba, a women’s rights organization in northern Ghana. Songtaba’s mission is to end the local, entrenched custom of accusing women of witchcraft and forcibly exiling them into lives of extreme poverty, isolation and desperation.

Humanist Service Corps needs your help to keep the program in Ghana going. You can be a part of the work they are doing! Click here to learn more, or just go donate! You can also sign up for a monthly donation through PayPalSign up to be one of the HSC Heroes and HSC Helpers who enable HSC to be what a humanist service program should be. All HSC Heroes and HSC Helpers will be featured on the HSC website and will receive a special, quarterly report directly from the HSC volunteers.


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