Quickies: Jesus Camp 10 years later, Star Trek, and privilege


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Mr. Takei apparently thinks its good to be inclusive of people like himself, but shallow and unthinking to flip the gender preference of a character who was formerly married in previous continuities, and would essentially create a “coming out of the closet” moment for a future he’d hope wouldn’t have closets anymore.

    That’s not a sharp criticism, but I will say it’s a bit of a shallow process to say “this actor was homosexual so his character must be too”. There’s something ever-so-slightly tokenistic about it. A good move, but maybe there could be better ones, for a franchise with a long history of modern bigotry into the future’s history books.

    1. I understand why he said what he did – it does strike me as a touch on the pandering side.

      Taking that aside, I do like that it’s subtle and emphasizes the point of a future where that Doesn’t Remotely Matter.

  2. The second example of the science fiction writing, from Foundation, made me absolutely furious.

    I want to love classic sci-fi, but I can’t. Its Woman Problem is just too fucking huge.

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