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It’s the Skepchick Sundaylies! Cosmetic Chemistry, Treating Depression While Pregnant, and more!

Sunday Funny: Backwards compatibility. (via SMBC)

Mad Art Lab

The Chemistry of Beauty: Hazel Bishop Betrayed
Hazel Bishop was a titan in one of the most disrespected areas of science: cosmetic chemistry.

Mad Art Cast: Emily Finke Talks Comics
The Gang and Emily Finke talk about comics and the arcs of storytelling.

Ghostbusters – Unapologetically Dorky
Everyone said that Ghostbusters was going to be a movie for women, but Ryan argues that this is a movie about being a nerd.

Grounded Parents

Grounded Pregnancy: Treating Depression During Pregnancy – What’s Safe?
Steph answers a reader question about the safety of depression treatments during pregnancy.

Weekend Reads: Gay Parents Should Share Gay Culture, The Case Against High School Sports, and More On Gendered Toys
Lou scoured the internet for only the tastiest parenting-related links.

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