Global Quickies: Fake Bomb Detectors Removed, Harder Sentence to Quacks, and Sharing Stories of Harassment

GERMANY (From Amy)
“German lawmakers unanimously approved legislation on Thursday that would make it easier to prosecute suspects of sexual violence and that defines rape as the violation of a woman’s will under the principle of “no means no.””

IRAQ (From Kaloikagathoi)
Iraq’s prime minister ordered fake bomb detectors sold to the country by a British businessman to be removed from checkpoints as the death toll from Saturday’s bombing in a busy Baghdad shopping street rose to at least 147.” (that number is now higher).

Hundreds of Russian and Ukrainian women have been sharing stories of sexual harassment, violence and rape on social media, after a post by a Ukrainian journalist went viral earlier this week.”

“The Gambia and Tanzania have banned child marriage, with tough penalties for those who breach the rulings.”

“The UK’s Department for International Development has announced £100m of funding to help 175,000 of the world’s poorest girls get an education.”

The brutal murder of a woman by her partner shocks Bolivia, one of the countries with the highest rate of domestic violence, sexual violence or violence against women.

“A woman who experienced years of abuse after intimate images of her were published online without her consent is considering taking legal action against one of Germany’s biggest TV channels for reproducing the photographs during an entertainment show.”

“The sentences handed Lethbridge residents David and Collet Stephan weren’t punishment enough, the Crown says in appealing the rulings. In a notice of appeal filed Thursday, the prosecution argues harsher sentences are needed for both offenders, who were convicted of failing to provide the necessaries of life to 19-month-old Ezekiel.”

SWEDEN (From Courtney)
“After headlining Sweden’s biggest music festival over the weekend, where at least 17 people were reportedly sexually assaulted, Mumford and Sons now say they won’t be back.”

Featured image: An Iraqi soldier at a checkpoint using an ADE 651, from Wikipedia


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