Quickies: Marathon vs. 5k, the Parenting Happiness Gap, and Don’t Wake Daddy

  • In The Wake Of Tragedy, Black Parents Face A Racist Double Standard – “In America, white parents are allowed to make mistakes. They are human. They are forgiven for looking away from their children, ever so briefly. Their children can make mistakes in public without being shot for it. Black mothers, on the other hand, are presumed to be absent and negligent, and expected to be perfect. Any mistake can be met with deadly force—and the world will say we deserved it.” From Radium.
  • The “parenting happiness gap” is real, new research confirms – “It’s not just one policy, like paid parental leave, that makes the difference. It’s the magic of a package of policies spanning over a lifetime, that allow people to care for children, support them financially, and even enjoy them every once in awhile on a holiday.” Yes, even though having children is stressful, not having the support to take care of them makes it much worse.
  • Michelle Obama hints at post-White House plans – “As part of her address at the summit’s dinner, Obama announced $20 million in new commitments to the Let Girls Learn initiative, which promotes education for adolescent girls around the world. The first lady also announced plans Wednesday to travel to Liberia, Morocco and Spain later this month as part of her Let Girls Learn initiative. She will be joined throughout the trip by her daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama, as well as by actress Meryl Streep in Morocco.” From Donna.
  • The 5K, Not The Marathon, Is The Ideal Race – “Training for and racing in 5Ks isn’t just a reasonable way to improve health; it might provide more reward per effort than training for a marathon. When FiveThirtyEight contributor Dan Engber recently wrote at Slate that the marathon is a dangerous, expensive and meaningless pursuit, my initial reaction was annoyance — why do people get such smug enjoyment out of disparaging our sport? Yet I concede that he has a point about the glorification of the marathon. The race isn’t the only means to health, fitness or even bad-assedry.”
  • Google employees are adding ‘Lady’ to their job titles to fight sexism – “Business Insider has details on the protest, which is happening in response to a ludicrous comment made during Alphabet’s shareholder meeting last week, when someone referred to company CFO Ruth Porat as the organization’s ‘lady CFO.’ ” From Alex.
  • 8 customer reviews that prove ‘Don’t Wake Daddy’ is way creepier than you remember – ” ‘A terrific game that teaches kids to walk on eggshells around their father and his rage. From the same people who put the ‘fun’ in “dysfunctional parenting” with games like: Stay Away From Mommy When She’s Sobbing, Tell Grandpa Everything He Wants to Hear, and Eat Your Feelings Away. ‘ “

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Mary Brock works as an Immunology scientist by day and takes care of a pink-loving princess child by night. She likes cloudy days, crafting, cooking, and Fall weather in New England.

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