Quickies: Angry Nerds, Medical Maggots, and Spaceship Sounds

  • Angry nerds bust Dan Aykroyd for liking movie they haven’t seen yet – “On one hand, it’s not exactly shocking that one of the executive producers of this new iteration of the franchise (who also reportedly shot a cameo scene for it) is eager to put butts in seats. But on another, more dispiriting hand—perhaps one worn and weakened by time and various hostile subReddits—it’s somehow even less shocking that a swarm of angry nerds immediately took him to task for daring to express positive feelings toward a movie they haven’t seen but definitely know is bad.”
  • From Medical Maggots To Stench Soup, ‘Grunt’ Explores The Science Of Warfare – “Science writer Mary Roach is not easily repulsed. While researching her latest book, Grunt, Roach learned all about the medicinal use of maggots in World War I. She also purposely sniffed a putrid scent known as ‘Who me?’ that was developed as an experimental weapon during World War II.”
  • Why we shouldn’t call it ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ – “Labelling ME as chronic fatigue syndrome gives doctors, the media, the public, and even family members permission to assume individuals are exaggerating, that we’re simply refusing to pull it together. With such a name, who could fault folks for thinking we just need to take a nap, some fish oil, and a vigorous walk? This type of thinking has led to individuals with ME, some too sick to care for themselves, being abandoned by both disbelieving families and physicians.”
  • What a Series of Cosmic Evangelical Thrillers Tells Us About Money in America – “The protagonists of Left Behind recognize no fundamental distinction between the hand of God guiding the endgame of history and the invisible hand of the capitalist market. If cities are annihilated for the sake of expediting the timely delivery of a new all-terrain luxury vehicle, well, God works in mysterious ways.”
  • Exploring the Secrets of Soothing Spaceship Sound – “For all of the work that goes into creating the unique sound of a given spaceship, the ultimate goal is to make sure that the noise both informs the setting, but also goes unnoticed behind the sounds of dialogue and other active sounds in the world.”
  • Diary Of A Saudi Girl: Karate Lover, Science Nerd … Bride? – “Majd Abdulghani is a young woman from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, who dreams of becoming a scientist — while her parents hope to arrange her marriage. Radio Diaries, a storytelling nonprofit and podcast, sent Abdulghani a recorder — and she ended up chronicling her world for over two years.”

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Mary Brock works as an Immunology scientist by day and takes care of a pink-loving princess child by night. She likes cloudy days, crafting, cooking, and Fall weather in New England.

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