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Skepchick Sundaylies! Dancing for a Cause, the Tragedy of Dian Fossey, Children as Werewolves, and more!

Sunday Funny: When the internet goes down. (via PhD Comic)

Teen Skepchick

Dancing for a Cause, Improved Edition
Elizabeth took the reins organized her fellow dancers for a good cause.

Mad Art Lab

The Tragedy of Dian Fossey
Despite not having a background in primatology, Dian Fossey became one of the most important advocates for gorilla conservation and, ultimately, gave her life for it.

Mad Art Cast Pairing Wine with Scientists
The Gang chats with Julia about pairing wine with famous scientists.

Tess Fowler Pushed Out of Rat Queens?
Alex, a fan of the comic book Rat Queens, has some questions about the title’s recently-announced hiatus.


Chemtrails: Take Cover! They Want to Kill Us! (en español)
Nuskis takes us into the weird world of chemtrail conspiracy theorists.

School of Doubt

Why I Do Re-Dos
Jay allows his students all the re-dos they want. Here’s why.

Grounded Parents

Are Children Like Werewolves? Science Investigates!
Do children sleep less during a full moon? Bethany writes about a recent research paper on this subject.

Eurovision and Lies We Tell Our Children
Some people like to say we are all the same, as a popular Eurovision song shows, but in fact we are all different and it’s better to appreciate our differences, as Chelsea writes.

Internet Meme Demolition Derby: The Bathroom Wars Part Two, The NOT HELPING Edition
Lou talks about bathroom rights, passing privilege, and shitty jokes about Ann Coulter.

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