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Skepchick Sundaylies! with the Coming of Spring, Personhood Nonsense, Tuition-Free College, and more!

Sunday Funny: Don’t flinch. (via xkcd)

Mad Art Lab

Mad Art Cast: Wine and Art Pairings with Julia Burke
The Gang talk about the art and science of wine with Skepchick Julia.

From ATP to MRI: Mildred Cohn’s Pioneering Work in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Meet the woman who was instrumental in the development of the MRI.

Spring has Sprung…but How Do I Know?
Chris sets out to answer a deceptively simple question: When is spring?

School of Doubt

Sorry Bernie – Tuition-free College Can’t Ever Come Back!
Peter Nonacs shows how the economics of modern universities make free college trickier than it might seem.

Grounded Parents

Endless Summer (2) From Massachusetts to Rural New York: Latin Grammar Schools, Dame Schools, and the Two-Term School Year
In this riveting piece, Cerys goes over the history of school breaks and how our assumptions about how they started are wrong.

Personhood Nonsense! Next Stop – Missouri!
So-called “personhood” bills are popular forms of anti-abortion legislation. But they raise questions like: what do you do with leftover IVF embryos? What happens when a woman has a miscarriage–does it need to be investigated by a coroner? What do you do about ectopic pregnancies? Lance goes through the absurd Personhood Measure being debated in Missouri right now.

Weekend Reads: Triple Recess, How to Parent Like a Humanist, and So Much More!
Lou’s weekend links include misogynistic onesies for babies and Cyndi Lauper’s new homeless shelter for LGBT youth.

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  1. For public universities, it’s possible. Just add more money. At the very least, it’s possible to make your future more than “working at McDonald’s to pay off student loans”.

    Now this is interesting Yep, David Brock, famous for slut-shaming Anita Hill, has cooked up his own Gamergate. (I swear, Hillary would be a lot better off if she dumped a lot of her so-called allies. David Brock’s a viper; venom is his nature.)

      1. I try to avoid citing shit that began on r/conspiracy myself. Reality-based community, remember?

        But yeah, I’ve seen them on Daily Kos. The most interesting ones are the ones who…really are Hillbots. So they’ll say “only white people like Bernie” less than a week after the results from HI come in.

        It’s like they looked at Serdar Argic, didn’t realize just how much the Argic entity backfired, and said “We could do that!”

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