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Skepchick Sundaylies! Bland Produce, Better Ways to Modify Behavior, and Teaching Children to Own Their Bodies and Choices

I’m back from collecting mushrooms for the Skepchick annual stir-fry! Did I actually bring back any mushrooms? Ah, no. I don’t remember much after I was enveloped in a mysterious fog, but I woke up a week later in a giant bird’s nest on top of a mountain. So, you know. Something went down. Anyhoo, links!

Sunday Funny: Crows and I have a lot in common… (via Beatrice the Biologist)

Teen Skepchick

Grim Reapers and Better Alternatives to Fear-Based Behavior Change Campaigns
Elizabeth proposes some alternatives to fear for encouraging more responsible behavior.

Mad Art Lab

Mad Art Cast and Science Opera with Hai-Ting Chinn and Matt Schickele
The Gang talk opera and science with some very special guests.

Lacklustre American Produce Matters
Dan argues that Americans need to demand more from their food.

NHST – Shrimp of the World
This wonderful world is full of so many different types of shrimp!


Is Stevia Rebaudiana a Miracle Plant? (en español)
Nuskis goes into detail about stevia, the plant and the sweetener.

Grounded Parents

Autistic Views on Autism: Essential Reads for Neurotypical Parents
Deek is a mother of a child with autism, so she has spent a lot of time seeking resources to better understand her child’s point of view. She has compiled a list of blogs written by people with autism, which is perfect as a bookmark resource.

Why Don’t You Let Your Kid Cut All Its Hair Off?
Most of the time when we talk about a child cutting their hair off, it’s used as an example of a bad lesson learned. But one day in JG’s house, she heard her young son cutting his hair off, and she decided to use it as a lesson in having ownership of his body and his choices.

Forget Pintrest: Real Advice for New Stay-at-Home Parents
Pinterest is a great place to get suggestions, but as most people know, it’s also sometimes a magical dream world divorced from reality. Steph is a new stay-at-home mom and she gives advice on Pinterest vs reality, in her house.

Featured image credit: Mark Goebel via Flickr

EDIT: A post from School of Doubt was removed. It was an unfinished piece that was published by mistake. The finished product will appear in a future Sundaylies post. I apologize for the error.


Mindy is an attorney and Managing Editor of Teen Skepchick. She hates the law and loves stars. You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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