Quickies: Black Panther Comics, GMO Labels Won’t Make Your Food Safer, and the Problem with Women’s Outdoor Gear

  • GMO Labels Won’t Make Your Food Safer – “Both the pro-labeling and anti-labeling movements are colossal wastes of money, since GMOs are neither all good nor all bad. For example, some GMO crops use more pesticide than conventional crops, but others actually use less. If you’re worried about pesticides, GMOs are a red herring. Anti-GMO talking points are pretty much all misdirections: the real issues all straddle the GMO/non-GMO border.”
  • T-shirt of the Day: Ask Me How My College is Protecting My Rapist – “Madeline Wilson, a senior at St. Olaf and a fourth generation of her family to attend the small religious school in Minnesota, says the college grossly mishandled her rape report when school officials allowed lawyers to unfairly manipulate the investigation process and failed to use the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights evidence standards. They also allowed the perpetrator to stalk and harass Wilson for months in retaliation for reporting, without taking action to protect her.” From Alex.
  • Why I Love Riding On The Women-Only Car On Delhi’s Metro – “The body language of women in this car feels different. They look carefree. Some listen to music on their headphones or read a book or newspaper, rarely looking up. They don’t have to worry about being groped or stared at by creepy men.”
  • A dogged quest to fix broken spinal cords pays off with new hope for the paralyzed – “Using currents of electricity to jump-start injured spinal cords, Edgerton and his colleagues have given nearly a dozen paralyzed men, including a college baseball star and a polar explorer, the ability to move their own limbs. The men have been able to once again control their bladders and bowels, function sexually, stand upright — and with assistance, take steps.”
  • Outfitting for Adventure: The Problem with Women’s Outdoor Gear – “When I first started working in the outdoor industry, I was so excited to be surrounded by other smart, tough women—and I still am. But whenever I go to trade shows or industry events, I’m shocked at how solidly, stubbornly pink all of the women’s options are—even gear for truly extreme sports, like mountaineering and ultra running. Women’s gear often lacks features that are available for men. For some sports, equipment isn’t available in women’s sizes at all.”
  • Donald Trump and the Stunts That Expose the G.O.P. – “The actual position of the Republican Party since the Bush Administration, for example, has been to violate Reagan-era treaties, reject the Geneva Conventions, and torture people—but you’re not supposed to say you favor torturing people. You’re supposed to say that you are opposed to torture, but what you’re in favor of isn’t really torture and anyway you would only do it when you had to and anyway they tortured us first.”
  • Black Panther by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze is brilliant, political, and human – “The highlight of Coates’s writing in Black Panther isn’t the way he skillfully laces the comic with broader political themes about power (though he’s very good at that); instead, it’s his ability to give the book’s intimate character relationships a sense of humanity and dignity. For example, the book introduces two queer characters, and their relationship in Coates’s hands is tender, aching, and electrifying.”

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Mary Brock works as an Immunology scientist by day and takes care of a pink-loving princess child by night. She likes cloudy days, crafting, cooking, and Fall weather in New England.

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  1. >You’re supposed to say that you are opposed to torture, but what you’re in favor of isn’t really torture and anyway you would only do it when you had to and anyway they tortured us first.

    Unless you’re The Donald, then you say torture is great, because even “…if it doesn’t work, they deserve it anyway.”


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