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Skepchick Sundaylies! DIY Goat Milk Formula, Natural History Science Theater, and the Atlanta Science Festival

Sunday Funny: I’ll pray for you. (via Cyanide and Happiness)

Teen Skepchick

Science Festival! Atlanta! March 19-26
Elizabeth recommends getting your science on in Atlanta this week.

Mad Art Lab

NHST: Opossums, How Do They Work?
Take you seats for another Natural History Science Theater!

Creatures Such As We: Putting Social Justice Into “Practice”
Olivia reviews the text-based game, Creatures Such As We.

Grounded Parents

Kristin Cavallari Feeds Babies DIY Goat’s Milk Formula, Ruins Her Legacy
Jenny writes about how Kristin Cavallari, famous for something, gives medical advice on how to feed babies with her homemade goat milk formula. Sounds legit!

Weekend Reads: Anxious Kids, D&D, and The Kids Are Alright
Remember the D&D panic in the 80’s? Revisit the crisis, and read through the rest of the links, in Lou’s weekly link roundup!

Featured image credit: Paul Lancaster via Flickr


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