Quickies: LGBT discrimination, anatomy of the clitoris, and self-esteem

  • Excluded, intimidated and harassed: LGBT physicists face discrimination – “According to the American Physical Society (APS) report LGBT Climate in Physics, published on 15 March, transgender physicists and physics students faced the most hostile working environment, with almost half of the 37 surveyed reporting having experienced exclusionary and harassing treatment in the past year.”
  • North Carolina overturns LGBT discrimination bans – “The law not only overturns Charlotte’s ban: It also prevents any local governments from passing their own non-discrimination ordinances, mandates that students in the state’s schools use bathrooms corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate, and prevents cities from enacting minimum wages higher than the state’s.”
  • Why do anatomy textbooks still give short shrift to the clit? – “Although more recent research and feminist lobbying have improved the quality of information on the clitoris in current textbooks, most texts are still brief. These include minimal information, or information only on the external portion of the clitoris (the glans). This brevity has impacts on health care for women with clitoral and related pain.”
  • Five tweets that perfectly sum up why women still struggle with self-esteem – “Tampons have to be, above all, “discreet”. Sweat has to be flower-scented or nonexistent. The entirety of your being is completely MEANINGLESS without coconut oil.”


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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