Quickies: Older women aren’t useless, the controversy of pants, and online harassment


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. A lot of question about defining “severe emotional distress”, because I can see how it could go in a very bad direction. I mean, technically, Roosh V could say David Futrelle causes him “severe emotional distress”. He’d be crying crocodile tears, but he could say it. (Then again, TBH, I’m pretty sure Zoe Quinn herself said she didn’t want to be a springboard to attack online anonymity; for instance, abuse victims often use assumed names to blog so their abusers can’t find them.)

    Regarding women wearing pants, it’s actually funny, when whites first came here, a lot of Indians thought their clothing, specifically pants, was effeminate. You can even see uniforms worn by Indian scouts (such as the Pawnee, and yeah, I still can’t help but find it hilarious that ‘civilized’ whites found allies in people who practiced human sacrifice, but I digress), with one common alteration: The seat of the pants removed so they can wear it as traditional plains leggings.

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