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It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to start getting excited about another SkepchickCon!

Last year we made our annual Skepchick get together bigger and better than ever, with a sensory friendly party, interactive Sandboxes, tons of panels, salons, and a boatload of guests. We’ve got photos from last year’s extravaganza at the SkepchickCon website to jog your memory about why you should join us this year.

SkepchickCon runs as part of CONvergence, and rates for the con are scheduled to increase from from $60 to $75 on January 15. Make sure you register early to get the lowest rate and to register for the hotel lottery.

With that $15 you save, you can also make a donation to the SkepchickCon fundraising efforts! SkepchickCon receives none of your registration dollars, which means that we’re putting together a full track of panels, a party room, daytime salons and science demos, Sandboxes, and sensory friendly/inclusive programming all on our own. We need your help to make it happen!

There are big things in store this year. If we reach our minimum fundraising goal of $1500 we’ll be able to put on the same kinds of programming we’ve had in the past. But we want to party harder, dismantle more patriarchy, and be even nerdier than ever before! So over the course of the next months we’ll be announcing our stretch goals along with the upgrades that SkepchickCon will be able to provide at each level.

Our first stretch goal is one that we’re really excited about: bringing more speakers to Minnesota! Plane tickets and hotels are costly, and some of our speakers live a little further away. The more we can raise, the more experts we can bring to create amazing panels and fantastic parties. If we reach $2500 we can bring in some of our favorite guests.

In addition to our improved stretch goals, we’re also introducing donor incentives this year. We’re excited to announce that anyone who donates more than $100 will be invited to join the Skepchicks themselves at a 1 hour private party during CONvergence or a Google Hangout (for those who will not be attending).

We can’t wait to party with you!

Donate here to help us reach our goals and bring in guests, and make sure you register before January 15! Make sure you’ve also liked us on Facebook and followed us on Twitter, and we’ll see you in July!


Olivia is a giant pile of nerd who tends to freak out about linguistic prescriptivism, gender roles, and discrimination against the mentally ill. By day she writes things for the Autism Society of Minnesota, and by night she writes things everywhere else. Check out her ongoing screeds against jerkbrains at

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  1. Cool! I’ve never been to this or any other conference so if this is a stupid question I apologize. How kid/family friendly is it?

    1. Hey! There are definitely people who bring their kids to this con, and there are some kid specific activities. That said, once it hits about 7/8 at night, the party rooms open and it turns into a lot of drinking and partying, which is not family friendly. They’ve got tons of info on their site:

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