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It’s the Sundaylies! with A Cure for Blue Babies, How Names Lead to Bias, and Lactivist vs. Feminist

Sunday Funny: Bacteria Sex (via SMBC)

Mad Art Lab

Blue Babies with Crossword Puzzle Hearts: The Pediatric Cardiology of Helen Taussig (Women in Science 56)
Dale tells the story of the life of a woman who saved the lives of countless children.

Mad Art Cast: How Not to Get Ripped Off As An Artist
The Gang discusses what artists need to know about intellectual property law.

Armouring for Cosplay 7 – Bend It Like You Understand the Use of Football References
In which Ryan uses a rubber mallet.

School of Doubt

A Rose by Any Other Name…
Giliell discusses the way in which names can sometimes lead to biases.

Grounded Parents

Lactivist or Feminist: Pick One
Steph makes the case for why many lactivists are not feminists. As long as a baby is healthy, it shouldn’t matter how they are fed, and choice doesn’t end once a baby is born.

How to Not Be an Activist : A Penis Story
Being a parent means you hear a lot of unsolicited advice, as J.G. experienced, from a woman very interested in talking about circumcision.

If You Think Anti-Vaxxers are Nuts, Check Out the Food Babe Army
As Jenny describes, “The Food Babe Army — Hari’s most devoted followers — follows Hari’s every directive in the name of food activism. A typical Food Babe campaign goes something like this — Hari picks a product to “investigate,” demands an ingredient list from the company, claims these ingredients are dangerous by misrepresenting chemicals, processed food (“dead food” anyone?), GMOs and toxicity, and then directs the Food Babe Army to harangue the company on social media.”

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