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It’s the Sundaylies! Hitting Things with Hammers, the Legacy of Caroline Herschel, and Good and Bad Kids Toys

Sunday Funny: Fruity (via Safely Endangered)

Mad Art Lab

8 Comets, 2500 Nebulae: Caroline Herschel’s Century of Astronomy
Dale documents Caroline Herschel’s incredible astronomical legacy.

Armoring for Cosplay 1 – Hitting Things with Hammers
Ryan makes his first tutorial on how to make costume armor.

Earth Rising
Amy has created a gorgeous painting based on an image from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Grounded Parents

Festivus Carols for the Secular of Us
A roundup of secular holiday tunes!

Guest Post: Toys! (A Dad’s Call to Action this Holiday Season)
A guest post on all the ways kids toys are terrible and how to choose the good ones.

Featured image credit: Eric.Ray via Flickr


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