Global Quickies: Noodly Weddings, ‘Accidental’ Rape, and Girls Rescued from FGM Ceremony

“New Zealand has given approval to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to carry out marriage ceremonies in the country.”

JAPAN (From Mary)
“The Japanese Supreme Court has upheld a law that married couples must have the same surname, in a blow to women’s rights activists.”

“A millionaire property developer has been cleared of raping a teenager after claiming he accidentally tripped and fell on her.”

“New Zealand’s prime minister, John Key, has been accused of making light of rape after participating in a radio stunt referencing sexual assault in prison.”

Local Government has reduced the bride price and other costs of the marriage process so that more people can get married and reduce casual sex and likely spread of HIV/AIDS.

“Police in Kenya have rescued hundreds of girls from female genital mutilation before ceremonies often seen as a rite of passage to adulthood begin this weekend.”

“French MPs have adopted a bill aimed at banning the use of fashion models deemed to be “excessively thin”.”

Brave lawyer is leading a campaign to challenge punishments handed out by fatwas to women whose actions fall foul of religious conventions. The secular courts have consistently maintained that adultery or pre-marital sex is not illegal in Bangladesh, but most people in villages are not aware of this.

A woman lost over $30,000 to three Malawian traditional healers in a bid to bring back long lost lover.

Featured image: The Flying Spaghetti Monster in New Zealand


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  1. “Mail Online also reported that Judge Martin Griffiths had allowed Mr Abdulaziz to give evidence in private.”

    Did that evidence include taking out his checkbook and asking “how much?”

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