Getting Away With Murder (Because It’s Christmas)

Every Christmas the Science for the People team digs into our back catalogue and plucks out one of our favourites to rebroadcast over the holiday. This year, we’ve pulled one of our favouritest favourites!

The “Getting Away With Murder” panel discussion was recorded live at SkepchickCon 2014. As the title suggests, our panelists discussed the realities of forensic and crime scene investigations compared to the myths created by Hollywood. There was lots to learn, lots of laughter, and a healthy dose of snark.

Thanks to our panelists Gwen Pearson, Emily Finke, Raychelle Burks, and Amanda Leinbaugh.

Merry Christmas, all!

Featured photo from West Midlands Police.

Rachelle Saunders

Rachelle is the producer and one of the hosts of "Science for the People", a syndicated radio show and podcast that broadcasts weekly across North America. It explores the connections between science, pop culture, history, and politics. By day she slings code as a web developer and listens to an astonishing number of podcasts.

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