Quickies: Virginity pledges, breaking the blood-brain barrier, and coxcombs

  • Chinese university faces backlash for female-only abstinence pledge – “Asking only female students to sign the pledge promotes the idea that female virginity is something sacred, something taken away/lost/given away, and that not having it is bad. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with waiting for marriage. The problem appears when “purity” is commodified in women, but men don’t have to deal with similar treatment.”
  • Canadian doctor first to break blood-brain barrier – “The procedure, which took place earlier in the week according to CTV News, was used to successfully treat Bonny Hall’s brain tumor by non-invasively delivering medication deep into the brain using microbubbles and focused ultrasound to force cancer medication through the blood-brain barrier.” From Dan.
  • Scientific study: Victoria’s Secret perfume is actually mosquito repellent – “The big surprise, as Rodriguez noted, was the Victoria’s Secret perfume, Bombshell. You can see that it’s almost as effective as the DEET-laced repellents (attracting only 17% of mosquitoes), and stays effective for 120 minutes.”
  • The coxcomb – Hark, A Vagrant! is awesome, as always. From Mary.


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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