Quickies: Thanksgiving!

    Thanks to Mary and Melanie for their link-gathering skills!

  • 6 Thanksgiving myths – An older but still relevant article from Indian Country Today: “According to many historical accounts, there is no proof of turkey gobbling at the 1621 meal, but there was wild fowl (most likely geese or duck). Sweet potatoes were not yet grown in North American and cranberries are not a likely dessert food because sugar was an unaffordable luxury. Other items on the table included such things as venison, pumpkin, succotash and Indian corn.”
  • Why wild turkeys hate the wild – “Turkeys had lived in the New England landscape in tandem with Native Americans, who had carefully tended the environment. And once the descendants of European settlers ceased hunting them at unsustainable levels, they moved right back in.”
  • Read It and Weep: Thankskilling – I spent the longest hour of my life watching this awful movie about a demonic killer turkey. Please don’t let it be in vain and listen to the hilarity that resulted.
  • Hard cider science
  • Native Americans review Thanksgiving story books
  • These vintage ads prove that Thanksgiving is one of the weirdest holidays ever
  • Featured image by my dad!


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