Quickies: Gawker, equal pay day, safe spaces, and duck-billed dinosaurs

  • On Gawker’s problem with women – “…the idea of “diversity” at many companies is more and more just that: a hollow idea. “Bragging about hiring a few people of color, or women, seems to come from the same interpretive bias, where a small amount is enough.” In order to foster a diverse company or industry, generous support and integration (for lack of a better word) must be a continual commitment in growing talent.” From Mary.
  • This equal pay day, say no to working for free – ” I started asking whether men in similar positions to mine – CEOs of their own companies – would be asked to do things just in the hope of opening up potential opportunities? Would they be asked to give up their time to make speeches, attend meetings and hand out hard-earned advice for free, albeit coded in the name of opportunity and goodwill? Maybe, but I’m sure he wouldn’t be doing it without a clear understanding of what he would be getting in return.”
  • The seduction of safety, on campus and beyond – Very interesting piece by Roxane Gay. “Those who mock the idea of safe space are most likely the same people who are able to take safety for granted. That’s what makes discussions of safety and safe spaces so difficult. We are also talking about privilege. As with everything else in life, there is no equality when it comes to safety.”
  • This new hardosaur species is a classic missing link – “Hadrosaurs are best known for their duck-like bills and their frilled, crested skulls, and now scientists know a little more about how those distinctive crests evolved.”
  • Featured image from the awesome WOCInTech Chat Flickr.


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Beyond the obvious all tabloid media profiting from celebrity sex tapes (in other words, peeping toms for a new century), I found one particular thing problematic about a recent article about a professor holding a Sun Dance. They showed a picture of a naked white dude taking part in a Sun Dance. They said it was from a YouTube video of a real Sun Dance, but it was nowhere in that video.

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