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It’s the Sundaylies! Cyanobacteria and Anna Zakrisson, Talking to Your Kids about Terrorism, Using Disability as an Excuse for Racism

Sunday Funny: To hell with you, demon! (via Poorly Drawn Lines)

Mad Art Lab

Mad Art Cast #35 — Macabre Suite in the Bronx and Other Sad Tales
The Mad Art Cast is back to discuss gentrification.

Cyanobacteria and Misery: The Many Hats of Anna Zakrisson (Women in Science 51)
Dale writes about Anna Zakrisson, a physiology researcher and science educator.

Angela Gonzales and Fermilab – Pride, Purpose, and Play
Julie Mars celebrates the life of Angela Gonzales, who had a passion for the intersection of art and science.

Grounded Parents

Internet Meme Demolition Derby: 30 Years From Now Edition
Lou takes apart another “inspirational” meme and points out the privilege behind it.

Mommy, What’s a Terrorist?
How do you have a conversation with your kids about terrorism? Steph talks about a recent conversation with her daughter.

Weekend Reads: Reading to Kids, Spanking, Etc.
Bethany weekly links include Jessa Duggar’s home birth emergency, how reading to young children affects their brains, and am infographic about spanking.


Autism Is No Excuse For Racist Priorities
On Mark Schierbecker and not using autism as an excuse for racism.

Featured image credit: Nat Tarbox via Flickr


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