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The Sundaylies! Ant Hill Art, Diversity Statements, and the Grounded Parents Podcast

Sunday Funny: Young Scientists vs. Old Scientists (via SMBC)

Teen Skepchick

Sex Ed with James Dobson: In Which Masturbation is Kind of OK, but Extramarital Sex will Send us Straight to Hell
Elizabeth finally gets to the sex part of James Dobson’s sex ed book.

Mad Art Lab

Of Art and Ant Hills
MAL’s newest contributor Julie Mars discusses the science of ant hill art.

Respect the Wood: When Pinterest Goes Well
Katie is a Pinterest success story.

Western Science’s Last Breath Before Dying: Hypatia Of Alexandria (Women in Science 49)
As in her life, this post has stirred up some controversy!

School of Doubt

On the Market V: Diversity Statements
Dan wrote a diversity statement as part of his academic job search.

Grounded Parents

Listen to the FIRST EVER Grounded Parents Podcast!!
Kavin, Emily, and Jenny get together and talk about Dr. Amy, GMOs, circumcision, and other topics that may or may not have to do with parenting!

We Must Protect the Children!!!
Sex education? For children?? But if we don’t ever talk about sex (except to say it’s evil before marriage), then teenagers won’t have it! Steph writes about the fight to update health education standards in her state and the alarmist flyer she received from a conservative group.

Shame on Moms Across America
Jenny writes about a confrontation she had at an anti-GMO rally, where another mom (who believes that organic, GMO-free food can cure autism and allergies) accused her of “poisoning” her children by not supporting pseudoscience.

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