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Quickies: Cognitive Bias, 18th Century Male Logic About Rape, and Seeds that Smell Like Poop (to Attract Dung Beetles)


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    • Speaking of racial bias in art, I always loathed how white people only want Indians to do things in the Studio style. (For those unfamiliar, the Studio style is that somewhat two-dimensional style with heavy outlines.) That’s the only ‘authentic’ way to do things, it seems. *sigh*

    • The Renoir thing I think is a joke all round. The protesters have a good time and get some publicity, Renoir’s paintings get some publicity, the media gets some silly-season type news. Nobody takes it seriously.

      It is just paintings. Paintings don’t really matter. In the real world, this sort of hatred is reserved for “Wuthering Heights”, which should only be readable after psychiatric evaluation of the would-be reader, and inducement to read it should be a crime.

  1. It doesn’t include the bias in favor of inaction (e.g., a small risk of an adverse event from a vaccine, say an unlikely allergic reaction, suddenly outweighs the much greater risk of a deadly infection in a world without vaccines).

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