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It’s the Sundaylies, with Wizard-Bros, Sexy Plants, Slow Scholarship, and Action Heroes!

Sunday Funny: Time to Shine (via Hark, a vagrant)

Mad Art Lab

Hydrogen Rules the Universe: Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin and the Composition of Stars (Women in Science 48)
Dale shares the story of Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, an American astronomer and trailblazer whose work was often under-appreciated.

Mad Art Cast: Update on Happy Birthday, Frida Kahlo and New York Maker Faire!
On this week’s Mad Art Cast, the team travels the country, reveals their super powers, and does their laundry!

Book Nerd – Planet of the Wizard-Bros
Jtigwell powers through “The Khan’s Persuasion,” and re-names it Planet of the Wizard-Bros.


Guest Post: The Sexy Plant – A Death Foretold for Pesticides (en español)
Andrea tells us about an awesome project from University of Valencia students that makes GMO crops release sexual pheromones that keep bugs away.

School of Doubt

For Slow Scholarship: A Feminist Politics of Resistance through Collective Action in the Neoliberal University
Dan shares an article and reflects on the importance of slow scholarship.

Education vs Intelligence
Giliell notes that kids from higher socioeconomic classes are often overrepresented in Gifted and Talented programs.

Gathering Evidence
Jay thinks about student assessment as a form of evidence.

Grounded Parents

Not Bad, Just Different
Deek’s toddler son was recently diagnosed with autism, and she writes about how she had to overcome her preconceived notions about what that meant.

Get Your Cape On!
Emily participated in a focus group for action figures for girls, from a major brand, and she writes about her excitement for this new line of toys. (And if you’re a cool aunt/uncle, this would be a great present!)

#Moms4FactsNotFear — Tell Your Senator You Support GMOs!
Jenny writes about how you can help support GMOS and science.

Featured image credit: JD Hancock via Flickr


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