Quickies: Susan Brownmiller, sudden drug price increases, and sex robots


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Since the financial meltdown in ’07-’08 didn’t convince everyone, between the awful pieces of garbage like Martin Shkreli and the recent Volkswagen diesel scandal the laissez-faire types must be able to see why business self-regulation is a disastrous idea.

    But then again they still cling to the fairy tale of trickle down so I highly doubt it.

  2. What I find most interesting (read nauseating) about the sex robot story is that the Red Pill subreddit has a “ladies auxiliary” called the Blue Pill. Fucking really? I mean, as soon as I saw the source of this ludicrous idea I expected the woman-hating to be strong with this one, but that Blue Pill thing still caught me by surprise.

    It’s not bad enough that these MRA neckbeards believe they can see through societies delusions (AKA taking the red pill) but to then suggest that the women who support their misogyny are still in the matrix surrounded by the delusion. I guess any woman that would support this bullshit is delusional so I’ll give them that, but really?

    Fucking kumquat stains, giving fedoras a bad name.

    1. Erm…
      “Blue Pill” is the sub dedicated to making fun of “Red Pill”. The “ladies auxiliary” is “Red Pill Women”.

      1. And by “not much more” I mean that there is still a “ladies auxiliary” to Red Pill.

        I think making fun of Red Pill is a worthy cause, I might just have to check out Blue Pill.

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