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It’s the Sundaylies! With Imperator Peachiosa, Bisexuality Awareness, What “Gender Neutral” Means in Practice

Sunday Funny: Crag is such a nerd. (via Poorly Drawn Lines)

Mad Art Lab

The Chemistry of Rose Scent
Amy explores the science behind rose scents with the help of Dr. Ray Burks.

Making Imperator Peachiosa
Seelix walks us through her amazing Furiosa/Princess Peach cosplay.

A Case for Prince Zelda
Ryan explores what the Legend of Zelda games could be like if Zelda was a man.


FYI, Freddie Mercury was Bi: Here’s Why Bisexual Awareness Week Matters
Trav writes on the importance of acknowledging people’s bisexuality and not buying into a homo/hetero dichotomy of sexual identity.

School of Doubt

On the Market IV: Paying for the Privilege
Dan explains that, in addition to being unjust, the academic job market it just plain expensive.

Crafting Gender
Giliell notes that ‘gender-neutral’ too often seems to mean ‘masculine-coded things for everyone’.

Featured image credit: Kitty Terwolbeck via Flickr


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