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Global Quickies: Young Ecuadorian Atheist Gets Lectured, Detained Mothers, and What It Takes to Be a Scientist


A strange survey covering five west European countries finds that 67% of Europeans think women don’t have what it takes to become top-tier scientists. But what exactly were they asking and how?

“Two new mothers who were detained and abused in a Kenyan hospital for not paying their maternity bills have won compensation in a landmark court ruling that campaigners hope will put a stop to the widespread practice.”

“A 63-year-old man, originally from Denmark, was charged with sexual assault as well a crimes under sections of the Medicines Act after 21 clitorises were found in his freezer.”

A 16 year-old contestant on Ecuador’s Got Talent gets lectured by the judges for not believing in god.

“In his first major initiative, Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull has announced a A$100m ($70m, £46m) domestic violence prevention package.”

“Malawi government has vehemently rejected a push by the UN human rights council to legalise same sex relationships and abolish death penalty in Malawi.”

Featured image: L’Oreal Women in Science survey

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  1. “Voluntary female genital mutilation” I suppose they forget the only reason we call it mutilation is because it’s involuntary? Also, I’m pretty sure that if he did voluntary clitoridectomy, they would’ve been disposed of as medical waste and not left in a freezer like some kind of serial killer.

    The real story is that UN HRC pushed Malawi to legalize same-sex relations. A lot of the countries on the Human Rights Council are, um…let’s just say it’s like putting the mafia in charge of the police.

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