Global Quickies: GMOs, Whitening Products, and Harrasment

“The father of a 20-year-old woman who drowned in Dubai reportedly stopped lifeguards from helping her. The unnamed man had said he preferred to let her die rather than be touched by strange men after she got into difficulty on a beach in the city.”

An 11-year old girl who became pregnant after being raped by her stepfather and was denied an abortion by Paraguayan authorities has given birth, in the culmination of a case which put renewed focus on Latin America’s strict anti-abortion laws.”

“An Indian rape survivor has reportedly been ordered to balance a 40kg rock on her head in order to “prove her purity” so she may cohabit with her husband again.”

“As India’s cities struggle to turn the tables on rape and sexual assault, a new app allows women to share their stories of harassment and actively address abusive behaviour in their neighbourhoods”.

The unreported “corrective” rapes of Peruvian lesbians. Often, relatives and friends are responsible for this crime.

“UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced Wednesday he had fired the mission chief in the Central African Republic, declaring “enough is enough” after a string of allegations of child sex abuse by peacekeepers.”

“Scottish ministers are planning to formally ban genetically modified crops from being grown in Scotland, widening a policy divide with the Conservative government in London.”

“The Kenyan government will lift the ban on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in two months, Deputy President William Ruto has said. Mr Ruto on Wednesday said consultations over GMOs had been concluded and that the Cabinet was expected to discuss the issue before allowing GMOs in the country.”

“Mexico continues to make progress on equal rights for homosexuals. On Tuesday, the National Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation extended adoption rights to gay couples, having acknowledged the intention to do so in June’s historic ruling in favor of same-sex marriage.”

Controversial priest says homosexuality can be cured with homeopathy, and he knows alternative doctors who have successfully helped people be “normal”.

“Four months after the Ivory Coast outlawed dangerous whitening products, cosmetics remain widely available on shop shelves and in salons”. “The ban outlawed the sale of whitening products because of associated health problems, ranging in seriousness from white spots and acne to cancer. “

The state of Adamawa announced that it had earmarked N200 million (about 1 million USD) to engage prayer warriors to seek Allah’s help against Boko Haram. The money was sourced from the state and Local Governments joint account.


Featured image: Wall in Delhi. Safecity


Born and raised in Mexico City, Daniela has finally decided to abdicate her post as an armchair skeptic and start doing some skeptical activism. She is currently living in Spain after having lived in the US, Brazil and Italy. You can also find her blogging in Spanish at

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  1. Reading the UAE story, one finds that it actually could well be an urban legend dating back to at least 1996, based on an interview of lifeguards in which they were asked to recount the weirdest things that had happened to them. No evidence that it actually occurred.

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