Summer Jam: ‘Fat Girls’ by Briki fa President ft. Ninene


‘Fat Girls’ by Briki fa President ft. Ninene has a sick beat, an inclusive message (“100 lbs, 200 lbs, 300 lbs, 400lbs… if you a fat girl, then hold it down…”), body positivity… Will it get all the kudos that Meghan Trainor’s ‘All About That Base‘ got? I *suspect* not. Why not?

Because ‘Fat Girls’ features black women comfortable with their bodies, making no apologies for those bodies, being sexual, and giving no fucks. Because even Serena Williams, one of the world’s greatest athletes that makes tennis look exciting all while making her winning look effortless, gets her body and womanhood judged.  Because Nicki Minja, music’s Boss Ass Bitch, calls out bullshit and we – once again – learn #solidarityIsForWhiteWomen. ‘Fat Girls’ will probably get a White Feminist™ think piece from the Guardian on everything that’s wrong with it. Hell, even 100 lbs (DKDC) Rihanna got that treatment

Well, fuck that. I’m taking a page of Briki fa President, Ninene, and the rest of their crew. I’m turning up the volume, shaking my fat ass, and not waiting on anybody to validate it. 


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