Quickies: Why can’t the FBI identify serial rapists, Alabama abortion rights, museum decides to celebrate Jack the Ripper instead of women

  • Why can’t the FBI identify serial rapists? – “A nationwide clearinghouse of the unique behaviors, methods, or marks of rapists could help solve those cases lacking genetic evidence, criminal experts said. Other research has shown that rapists are far more likely than killers to be serial offenders. Different studies have found that between one-fourth to two-thirds of rapists have committed multiple sexual assaults. Only about 1 percent of murderers are considered serial killers.”
  • Alabama is trying to deny a woman an abortion by terminating her parental rights – “The state is attempting to strip her of her parental rights over a “child” that is not actually a born child yet and arguing that if she doesn’t have parental rights, she has no right to terminate the pregnancy.”
  • Museum which promised to honor East End women now devoted to Jack the Ripper – “Former Google diversity chief Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe, who is behind the scheme, promised “the first women’s museum in the UK” in plans given the green light by Tower Hamlets council last year.” No, folks, that is not The Onion. From Bjornar.
  • Scottish barmen are sick of drunk women reaching up their kilts – “Staff members of Hootananny, a popular bar in Inverness, Scotland, have stopped wearing their kilts to work because they claim they are constantly being groped by large groups of drunken women.”
  • Cute Animal Friday! Behold the cuteness of a baby pygmy hippo, from Ray.
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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. I gotta pick this one out from the comments on the Jack the Ripper Museum article, from anarchist666:

    “You’re not allowed even to criticize women these days. I keep emailing the BBC that there are too many women on the radio, and I get accused of ‘sexism’.”

    I was sure this was parody… but then I rest of the comment. Nope. There’s actually someone out there who doesn’t see what might be sexist in complaining about there being too many women in the radio.

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