Quickies: False beauty claims, chronic pain patients, and marital rape laws

  • Four out of five beauty claims cannot be substantiated – “A new study found that fewer than one in five upmarket cosmetic adverts stands up to scrutiny, with companies criticised for their ‘vague’ science and false claims of superiority over rivals. Nearly one in four wrinkle removal claims were found to include ‘outright lies’.”
  • How the war on drugs is hurting chronic pain patients – “If we really want to deal with opioid addiction, we have to face facts. Most cases don’t start at doctors’ offices. Instead, kids get drugs the way they always have: through friends and family. To do better, we need to stop tightening the screws on chronic pain patients and start looking at why so many young people are turning to the most dangerous class of drugs.”
  • Too many people don’t know marital rape is rape – “Today, several states still treat marital rape under a different section of the criminal code than rape outside of marriage.” From Arturo.
  • 5 things I learned committing a campus sexual assault – “…reducing sexual assault is going to require a change in the culture itself, and that’s an even bigger challenge in a world where the unspoken rule has been “If she doesn’t physically stop you, she secretly wants it.”” From mrmisconception.


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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