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It’s the Sundaylies! With Weird Spider Sex, Art at CONvergence, the Endless Summer for Working Parents

Sunday Funny: “You’re not five foot eleven.” (via Manfeels Park)

Teen Skepchick

Sex is weird: The Australian Redback Spider
Two words: Sexual cannibalism.

Mad Art Lab

What I Drew At CONvergence
Check out these cool doodles drawn by Celia at Convergence!

Mad Art Cast: Scott Sigler’s ALIVE
Mad Art Cast has a new episode out with special guest, best selling horror author, Scott Sigler! Listen in as he talks about his new YA book called Alive and learn why science plays an important role in his story telling.


Bios: Maria Goeppert-Mayer (en español)
Daniela tells the story of this Nobel Price winning physicist.

School of Doubt

Tim Hunt and the Crying Scientist
Regarding Tim Hunt’s infamous remarks, Peter Nonacs responds: so what if people cry in the lab?

Grounded Parents

Atheists Stop Saying This Please
Lou calls out Lawrence Krauss (and atheists who agree with him) for saying that teaching children creationism is akin to child abuse. It is bad science but it isn’t abuse.

Endless Summer: Why Do American Schools Have Such a Long Vacation? (An Introduction)
In the United States, children are mandated to have regular breaks from school, but there is no requirement for working parents to have vacation time from work. Cerys writes on the history of how this all developed.


Paying For It
Benny shares what it’s like to recover from a large event like CONvergence.

Featured image credit: The Mighty Tim Inconnu via Flickr


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