Ex-wife Said Donald Trump Raped Her, but Not “in a Criminal Sense”

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Sorta transcript:

Donald Trump, the GOP front-runner for president . . . I’m sorry, that should be the only part of this video that’s important. Donald Trump is the GOP front-runner for president of the United States, you guys. Donald Trump.



Anyway, it gets worse. Trump went on record to say that Mexicans are coming into the US and raping our women, and if it isn’t Mexicans, well then who is raping our women? Well, according to Trump’s ex-wife, the answer would be Donald Trump.

Back in 1989, Ivana Trump stated during a divorce deposition that Trump had raped her. According to her, he was angry at her for recommending a plastic surgeon who gave him a painful scalp reduction, and during a fight he violently raped her. When a tell-all book was being published that included the incident, Donald Trump denied that it had happened, and his lawyers got a statement from Ivana in which she doesn’t contradict her initial account, but says though she felt violated at the time she wants to make it clear that she didn’t mean he raped her in “a criminal sense.”

Since she didn’t alter her description of the actual event, only the word she used to categorize it, this sounds, in my opinion, like a victim who has convinced herself years later that she wasn’t really a victim. That’s actually very common — rape survivors deal with their assaults in a variety of ways, and often their responses may seem counterintuitive. Researchers have shown that this may be due to them trying to cope and normalize a very not-normal event.

Redefining a something that is legally rape as something else, like a “violation,” is common enough that psychologists have a label for this type of person: an unacknowledged rape victim. This type of victim is most common when the assailant is someone the victim knows or had previous sexual contact with.

Unacknowledged rape victims are also much more likely to continue to have a relationship with the rapist.

Of course, at the end of the day we have to rely on Ivana Trump’s words, and she says her current relationship with Donald Trump is great and that she thinks he’d make a super president.

Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, is enjoying a slightly less intimate relationship with his boss after telling the press that Trump was definitely innocent because you can’t even rape your wife, legally speaking. Despite being a lawyer, it appears that Cohen is unfamiliar with the fact that has been illegal to rape your wife in New York State since 1984. Trump responded to this less-than-effective defense by apparently having a campaign worker tell CNN that nobody speaks for Mr. Trump.

So is Donald Trump a rapist? According to his ex-wife, yes, and no. But no matter what, he is still the GOP front-runner for president of the United States of America, and that’s all that really matters.

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If it's not the Mexicans raping our women, then who could it be? Well, according to Donald Trump's ex-wife, the answer is...Donald Trump

Rebecca Watson

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  1. I don’t think she “forgot” anything, except what she was paid to forget.

    Donald Trump: leading in the polls of the “family values” party.

    A Trump/Palin Republican ticket – it would be funny…

    1. Okay, but not the best. In 2012, my boss acquired (or had made up) a bunch of “Bachmann/Trump” bumper stickers. He claimed it had the twin virtues of being the funniest and most unelectable possible Republican ticket.

  2. Gee, maybe ‘scalp reduction’ will be the new Diminished Capacity touchstone. Twinkies all over again. Though of course, Trump claims he never had such a surgery…and his hair is real.

    However Ivana ‘redefines’ or ‘contextualizes’ the events described; the description is from a legal document. Changing her personal label after the fact, does not make Trump innocent of rape, nor really make her a perjurer.

    Of course, I suspect that Ivana is to spouses what Mr Cohen is to lawyers: an individual seriously compromised by association with a certain real-estate billionaire…who is still writing the checks.

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