Quickies: Drinking charcoal, swatting conviction, and fisticuffs


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. “He said some things when he was really angry,” he said. “He made a big mistake in posting it to the public. When you have negative thoughts, keep them to yourself and all that, right?”

    Yeah. Yeah, great. Try to keep your murderous rage just barely under wrap, mmm-kay? Thanks.

  2. If someone wants a real detox, they should consult with their doctor about a colonoscopy. Preparing for that does clean out the digestive tract – as well as depleting electrolytes. The sheer discomfort of the process might, hopefully, dismiss the notion that detoxes are just peachy.

  3. Good to see more people discussing the stupidity of Activated Charcoal.

    Delete this if you don’t think your readers will find it valuable, but we expanded on what ScienceBasedMedicine did, and analyzed all existing research on Activated Charcoal, to clearly say which “claims” about it were nonsense, and which if any were justified… (spolier: none were justified). Here’s the article for anyone interested: http://healthybutsmart.com/activated-charcoal/

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