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It’s the Sundaylies, with a Little Scientology, a Pinch of Sexual Assault Prevention, and a Dash of Pink Robots

Sunday Funny: Schlub Actually (via Tree Lobsters!)

Mad Art Lab

Computing Venus: The Astronomy of Maria Mitchell
Meet the woman who put American astronomy on the map.

Mad Art Cast: Going Clear
The gang talks about the Scientology documentary, “Going Clear.”


Gods! Cerridwen (en español)
Silvia tells us about the really weird story of the Celtic goddess Cerridwen.


My Gender is Orange: Coming Out As-And Explaining-Genderqueer
Trav shares one way they explain being genderqueer.

The Life and Times of an Aspiring Saint
The latest edition of “The B,” a biweekly column for people attracted to more than one gender.

School of Doubt

Towards Better Sexual Assault Prevention Tips?
Nicole has a problem with the way sexual assault prevention is presented on campuses.

Grounded Parents

Science for Kids: Shine a Penny With Ketchup and Salt
Mary explains a simple science trick that is perfect for showing children. Go ahead, try it out!

Running Round in Robot Town
The “pink aisle” at the toy store (i.e. girl toys) is often derided for having “girly” toys with pink and sparkles, unlike the action figures that fill up the boys’ section. But underneath the pink, there are building sets and robots, which are opportunities for kids who like pink to be introduced to STEM. Emily’s daughter loves pink and robots, so she was able to find an option that worked for her.

What Kids Can’t Learn from the GMO Labeling Debate
Jenny recently had to give a presentation to her son’s class about GMO’s and what it means to be skeptical, because the teacher handed out anti-GMO materials from Natural News.


In the Lab with Autism
Benny explains some easy ways his Chemistry Lab professor could have helped him learn better.

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