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Sundaylies with Mars One, Viking Artifacts, Coffee in Space, Hillary for President, Star Trek, Opting Out and Issues of Great Importance

Good afternoon dear readers!

It’s the Sundaylies!


Your Skepchick Network recap that you can fold up like an origami crane in your mind. It’s like and old-school newspaper but better because you don’t have to recycle it or clip out any coupons. It’s the recap for the lazy at clicking but the strong of intellect. Don’t like scrolling through our many network sites alllll week long? No worries! I’ve got all your most important news right here.

So lay back in that hammock and sip that mojito in the shade.


The following is all you need to know…


First some Sunday Funnies!

Check out Bird and Moon! Artist Rosemary Mosco does some beautiful science and nature comics. Be sure to check out her website! Here is one of her comics about “Women Naturalists” but there are SO MANY MORE beautiful works!



Now on to your regularly scheduled Sunday Skepchick Network Recap!

Mad Art Lab 

It’s Mad Art Cast Episode Seven! The gang talks about Mars One, the transient nature of art and why people want to make art that outlasts their life. Surly Amy also gives Dr Gwen Pearson a call. That’s, right! Our good friend and entomologist, Bug Girl! Have a listen!

Amy’s Wonky Email edition of the MAL Quickies. Ok so I had a glitch in one of my email apps and all the cool links I had been sending to the Lab for over a month got lost in cyber space UNTIL I found out about it. When they finally sent, Brian compiled some of them into a fantastic art and science quickie blast.

A -Viking We Will Go. Beth teaches us about Vikings and shows us some historical artifacts on display! Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Italy is Sending an Espresso Machine to the ISS. Ashley does some great research and teaches us how astronauts will soon be able to make espresso in space!



Hillary Clinton: A Feminist Progressive We Can Believe In… Or can We? Laura talks about why Hillary Clinton might not be the best woman for the job.
The Kids Aren’t All White: Diversity in the Genderqueer Community. New Queereka contributor, Olive discusses the genderqueer community, intersectionality and diversity.

School of Doubt

Opting out of Homework. Jay (among other SoD writers) frequently didn’t turn in his homework as a student. Should we let ‘opting out’ affect the grades of students who have otherwise mastered the material?
Why The opt-Out Movement is Growing in New York.  And now for a different kind of opting-out: Corrina covers the recent boycott of the NY State Common Core English Language Arts exams.

Grounded Parents

Star Trek and Humanism: The Novels Part 2. Lou is back with the second part to his series talking about humanist values and Star Trek novels.

Dear Son, The Story of One Foster Mom. In this anonymous guest post, one parent shares the heartbreak of fostering a child that ultimately was given back to the birth parents.

We Get Mail: On Issues of Great Importance. If you’ve ever seen someone complain because a blog isn’t covering “important issues,” you will enjoy this tongue-in-cheek letter.


Featured image: Photo by Amy. Awesome ceramic coffee cup by Skeletal Dropkick on Etsy!

Amy Roth

Amy Davis Roth (aka Surly Amy) is a multimedia, science-loving artist who resides in Los Angeles, California. She makes Surly-Ramics and is currently in love with pottery. Daily maker of art and leader of Mad Art Lab. Support her on Patreon. Tip Jar is here.

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