Quickies: Health disparities, conflicts of interest at the FDA, and mystery radio signals

  • Genes don’t cause racial-health disparities, society does – “Researchers are looking in the wrong place: White people live longer not because of their DNA but because of inequality.” From Will.
  • Conflicts of interest at the FDA – “A permanent solution is for Congress to enact conflict-of-interest laws forcing employees above a certain grade level at any agency to recuse themselves from official actions that affect a former employer or client, including trade associations and their members.”
  • Former Yale medical professor accused of sexual harassment – “A nephrology professor, Dr. Rex L. Mahnensmith, who worked at the university for over 20 years, has been accused of a pattern of sexual harassment while he was medical director of the New Haven Dialysis Clinic, where university physicians treat their patients.” From Donna.
  • Mysterious radio signals came from microwave oven, not outer space – “For years, astronomers at the Parkes Observatory in Australia have puzzled over these brief but intense bursts, which in some ways appeared to emanate from deep space.”


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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