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Skepchick Sundaylies! The Dress, Dangers of Anti-Vaxxers, and High School Dating

Sunday Funny: Embarrassing. (via Liz Climo)

Teen Skepchick

The Not So Beautiful Game, Step 11 and Last: In Which Our Narrator Dispenses Parting Cliches
Elizabeth has finally finished the mostly-boring but sometimes unpleasant book, “The Game.”

Mad Art Lab

The Photo is Bad. The Dress is Blue. Your Brain is Lying.
Ryan takes on THE dress.

Breaking the Shackles Procreative: Margaret Sanger and the Creation Of The Pill.
Dale tells the story of possibly the greatest advocate for reproductive choice.

Show Us Your Ugly Things: Lacemaking Edition
Celia – self-professed hater of crafting – takes on lacemaking.


Quack of the Month: Antivaxxers (en español)
Silvia explains the dangers of the anti-vaccination movement.

Grounded Parents

A Ray of Hope for High School Dating Assemblies
Ceres reflects on dating in high school, then and now.

Can You Afford a Food Allergy?
Jenny talks about the privilege of being able to buy allergen-free foods.

Foiling Fallacies – The Woman Who Cried Rape
Steph gives facts about rape and debunks the notion of false rape claims being anything but a minority.

#GiveItBack – Why A-spectrum and Agender matters
Laura talks about why GLAAD’s recent claim that “A for Ally” is a problem.

One Weird Trick to Get Hired in Academia
Vince writes about the depressing reality of tenure-track hiring in academia.

From Fundamentalism to Acceptance
Allie shares a coming out story that also involves her friend Erik.

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