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Skepchick Sundaylies! Surprise Evangelism, Cellular Galaxy, Mrs. Man’s Name, and Making a Science Fair Worth It

Sunday Funny: Why is the sky blue? (via SMBC)

Teen Skepchick

The Physics Philes, lesson 131: Popcorn Physics
Mindy continues trudging through heat and energy by studying the first law of thermodynamics.

Adventures in Unexpected Evangelism: Stitchery Edition
Elizabeth encounters evangelism in the place she least expected it.

Mad Art Lab

#EveryDaySexism and Frida Kahlo
Probably the most baffling example of everyday sexism.

Anna Atkins: Bontanist, Photographer, Pioneer
Google celebrates another awesome and underappreciated scientist.

The Stars in Our Cells
Elizabeth explains that “the rules and patterns that govern the organization of the universe are the same ones that govern the organization and growth of every living thing.”


Bios: Barbara McClintock (en español)
Daniela tells us about the great discoveries of this scientist.

Reflections on Reading (en español)
Silvia explores the different reasons people have for their reading choices.

School of Doubt

Tackling Science Project Turmoil
New contributor Corrina gives some tips for making science fairs worth the effort.

What’s In A Number (Or Letter)?
Uh-oh, Nicole is starting to dread grading. But why?

Teaching Topless
J.D. Fisher shares a video about how students learn math and science, with the help of a pyramid.

Grounded Parents

On Being a Helicopter Parent
So-called Helicopter Parents are often maligned by people who think parents are too involved in their children’s lives. But Kelly puts a different perspective on the issue. She is not controlling her child’s life, she is working with her to solve problems. And she reflects on how hands-off her parents were and how that didn’t help her at all.

Mrs. Name Of Man, Maiden Names and Coverture
Traditionally, a woman changes her surname when she is married, which was because this used to indicate male ownership. It might seem like a name is only a name, but Cerys gives a history lesson in which a name change meant something else: the fact that a married woman was not allowed to own property, was not allowed anything after divorce (including children, who were the property of the father), and did not have say over her body (because rape was only a crime against a woman other than one’s wife).

Internet Meme Demolition Derby: Girls are (NOT) Like Apples on Trees…
Bookmark Lou’s IMDD series if you come across annoying facebook memes. This one takes down the tired meme of saying that girls are like apples because the rotten ones are easily picked (by boys, naturally) and the good ones stay at the top, meaning the boys have to try harder to get them. Basically, every “used woman” metaphor is terrible.

Featured image credit: Laurie Sullivan via Flickr


Mindy is an attorney and Managing Editor of Teen Skepchick. She hates the law and loves stars. You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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