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Skepchick Sundaylies! Hilbert’s Tenth Problem, Animal Superpowers, and Dating a Feminist

Sunday Funny: Terry Pratchett (via xkcd)

Teen Skepchick

Ignorance Embraced with Neither Shame nor Gloating
There’s nothing necessarily virtuous about knowing or not knowing about pop culture.

Mad Art Lab

Mad Art Cast Episode #4
Would a bunch of artist go live on Mars? What’s so cool about Ceres? Find out!

Julia Robinson and the Cracking of Hilbert’s Tenth Problem
Dale tells the story of a mathematician whose work helped crack Hilbert’s Tenth Problem.

The W³ Cube: 95% Tungsten 100% BS
The latest absurdist Kickstarter campaign.


Video of the Week: Mold Forest (en español)
Iliana brings us an incredible video of mold growing. Really.

Amazing Animal Superpowers (en español)
Lucy describes some very cool superpowers animals have that put superheroes to shame.

Grounded Parents

Angry Parent. Angry Kid.
Jenny talks about learning how to deal with losing your temper (which can be exacerbated by having kids–and then unfortunately they can learn bad habits from you). It’s always important to recognize your anger triggers so that you can calm yourself (or others) down.

Top Five Reasons Why Dating a Feminist is Hard
Is dating a feminist really hard? In other words, dating someone who has opinions, actively seeks consent, and fights for social issue. Pass on this article by Steph to anyone who is confused about what feminism is.

Have You Tortured Pets for your Kids Yet?
JG used to work in a pet store and she offers up these lessons to anyone looking to buy a pet, especially for a child. Even if you’re not a parent, you should pass this on to anyone with a young child looking to get a new pet or a first-time pet.

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