Quickies: Not reading white male authors, Disability Summit failure, and doctor fired for saying shot protestor was too skinny


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. The only (minor) problem I have with Heina’s article (and this may be The Daily Dot’s doing and not hers) is that a lot of people are going to read that headline, freak out, and go forth on the internet yelling that now feminists are trying to ban books by white men.

    I anticipate having to correct a lot of people that it’s actually an optional 12-month challenge.

    So it goes.

  2. Colorblindness in a society with inequality is racism. It’s anti-segregation, but it’s also anti-recognizing segregation, anti talking about segregation, and anti-integration.

    History is full of people going “Oh, so you think they can’t pass a literacy test because they’re black. You’re the real racist!”

    “I believe that each person should be judged upon his individual merits and that it should not apply to races, or classes or groups.” – Orval Faubus

  3. Mmph. So that’s what it feels like.
    I am a white male and I hope to get published in the science fiction/fantasy genre. I feel like to support this would be to go against my interests, but on the other hand my greater interests are in promoting the well-being of the under-privileged.

    One thing I’m not however, is cis – I’m trans and bi, but I’ve been in the closet my entire life except to a few close friends. Not even my family knows – I just don’t trust them enough. Is this the push I need to come out? Except that feels awful – like I’m coming out for economic/financial reasons instead of because I want to be honest and open and tell my story. If I need a little push to get there, maybe that’s for the best?

    I don’t know. I’m honestly a little scared of the possibility. I’ve been hiding behind the facade for a long time.

    I have to say I support you, though – non-white non-male voices have been marginalized for too long.

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