Global Quickies: More Art Destroyed by IS, Vaccines in Pakistan, Gurus, and Rapists

INDIA (From Arturo)
“One of the five men sentenced to death for raping a young woman in New Delhi, India in 2012 blamed his victim for her death saying women “should just be silent and allow the rape”.”

“Archaeologists and officials have expressed outrage about the bulldozing of the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud by Islamic State militants in Iraq.”

Police officials said that they had issued hundreds of arrest warrants for parents for refusing to vaccinate their children.

Two health officials were suspended after $3.7 million worth of pentavalent vaccines donated by UNICEF were wasted because they were not stored at the proper temperature.

A guru is under investigation for convincing almost 400 of his followers of having themselves castrated to prove their loyalty and win a chance to meet god. He has also been accused of murdering a reporter and of sexually abusing female followers.

“Now that most of the major figures are dead, the truth is emerging about the systematic sexual abuse of children by members of the British government.”

A sprinter has seen her athletic career halted because she has failed a “gender test” and is now is ineligible to compete as a woman, against other women.

CANADA (from Angela)
Pro-life and pro-choice groups face-off at University of Alberta campus.”

“Four people have been sentenced to death in Tanzania after being found guilty of murdering an albino woman.”

“A self-styled 53-year-old pastor from Nigeria who impregnated more than 20 members of his congregation, including several married women and young girls, claiming that the Holy Spirit told him to have sex with them has been arrested for sexual abuse.”

“A pair of anonymous vigilantes are cleaning up Quito’s graffiti; by adding accents, inserting commas and placing question marks on sentences scrawled across city walls.”

AUSTRALIA (From Jack99)
“A letter containing a threat to behead Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie unless she helps implement Sharia law in Australia has sparked a security assessment at the outspoken independent’s office.”

UK (from Norah)
A British woman decided to “treat” her cancer with raw vegetables. She’s endangering her life, but the uncritical reporting of her case is dangerous to many others.

Turkey’s first atheist association was founded only last year and now a court has blocked their website.

“In anticipation of International Women’s Day on March 8, a group of men wearing burqas took to the streets to protest the unequal treatment of women in their country.”

After announcing that the American Atheist Convention will be held in the island, Puerto Rican atheist organizations began receiving death threats in social media.

“Football clubs have been asked to champion their female staff and help celebrate International Women’s Day this weekend as part of a major campaign aimed at tackling sexism in the game.”

“Officials in Vietnam are on the hunt for a mystery amphibian which was apparently captured and then sold in the north of the country.”


Featured image: Acción ortográfica Quito


Born and raised in Mexico City, Daniela has finally decided to abdicate her post as an armchair skeptic and start doing some skeptical activism. She is currently living in Spain after having lived in the US, Brazil and Italy. You can also find her blogging in Spanish at

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  1. I watched the first 18 minutes of that documentary about the bus rape in India before I had had enough. That “shouldn’t fight back” quote does not even begin to describe how horrible the attitudes in that film are. They were like caricatures.

    I wonder if attorneys in India have different expectations than the United States. I could not imagine an American attorney saying anything like that publically even if he thought that way.

    1. I don’t think I could watch that documentary. If the articles I read about it already upset me, I’m not sure I could handle seeing the people on the screen.

  2. Ah, Senator Jacqui Lambie! There is nobody quite analogous in US politics or anywhere else for that matter. Perhaps a little bit like a more liberal Sarah Palin?

    Anyway, in her, IS (we presume) picked the worst possible a target for a death threat. No matter what you may think of Sarah Palin, could you see her caving in? Neither will Jacquie.

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