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Skepchick Sundaylies! Cosplay Science, Secular Safety Net, and Raising an Anxious Child

Sunday Funny: Educated Cat-callers (via SMBC)

Teen Skepchick

The Physics Philes, lesson 128: Kinetic-Molecular Model of Ideal Gases, Part 3
Mindy finished up her discussion of the kinetic-molecular model of ideal gases.

Mad Art Lab

Material Science for Cosplay: Copper and its Alloys
Ryan infuses some science into your cosplay.

The Monster in Dr. McClintock: The Twisted Tale of Jumping Genes
Dale tells the story of the legendary cytologist.


Quack of the Month: Pope Francis and Juan Manuel de Prada (en español)
Along with the Pope kind of victim blaming the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, Juan Manuel de Prada thinks society had it coming for its abhorrent anti-values of multiculturalism and pansexualism.

Grounded Parents

Forget Faith-based: the Case for a Secular Safety Net
Steph writes about how faith-based charities help people while also delivering heavy-handed victim-blaming sermons to their captive audience. If you’re looking for a secular charity to support, check out Secular Avenue, mentioned at the end of this article.

Raising The Anxious Child
Kelly writes about how her teenaged daughter deals with anxiety and panic attacks without medication (because she is too young to take Xanax). These are good tips for anyone dealing with unmedicated anxiety (with the condition that you should always consult a doctor for advice if you’re able to).

The World Health Organization Would Ban This Video
The video in this post is a hilarious representation of the Mommy (or, Daddy) Wars. But behind the humor is a serious issue: breastfeeding versus formula-feeding, and how some people (including the WHO and lactation consultants) don’t want ANYTHING to do with companies that make formula (even though these companies have programs to support breastfeeding).

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